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Classmate blog comments

I commented on Skyler Heny’s site.

I commented on Emily Glass’s site.

I commented on Patricia Feole’s site.

I commented on Leann Luckett’s site.

I commented on Jasmine Poolson’s site.

I commented on Kathleen Brown’s site.

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My blogging experience

*What have you enjoyed, or not, about your blogging experience this semester? Do you anticipate regularly updating your blog for non-class purposes after this semester? Why or why not?

I enjoyed blogging for our PRCA 2330 class even though it did take time to grow on me. I was always interested in blogging to express myself on certain topics and ideas and to also just improve my ability to write on particular topics. I initially did not enjoy blogging for the course because the topics weren’t topics that sparked something in me to write about. I actually was dreading to blog. As time went on I started to appreciate the blog assignment. I was interesting to see the different responses and compare them to my own personal thoughts and ideas. I also appreciate it more because it was a learning experience. stated that blogging forces you to read in order to gather the input I need for your output and I found that true. I was reading and educating myself on certain topics which I really appreciate now.

Blogging goes beyond this course. A blog is a public diary or journal that is written for others to read. mentioned how blogging is a great marketing tool and can be updated at anytime from anywhere. Before I even read the topic for this week, I was already thinking on how I will continue and change the dynamics of my blogs. So I anticipate to regularly update my blog for non-class purposes after this semester. I actually went on my peers blog and came across a page where someone was not only blogging about the class topics but also about what interested them, like music. Being that I am in the field of communications, blogging can be a major benefit. I can continue to work on my writing skills and also blog about things that interest me such as: entertainment, music and other topics/issues.



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PR beneficial for non-public relations majors

*Provide an argument as to why it is/or is not beneficial for a non-public relations major to complete an introductory level public relations course.

I’m not a PR major but it is very beneficial for me to take the course and can also be beneficial to other non-public relations majors as well. In intro courses you learn a lot of the basics and in my opinion it makes you well-rounded in whatever field you want to pursue. Communication skills in general are a necessity and a lot of businesses look for those communication skills. An introductory level public relations course can help give you that communication or public relation background.

If you are not a public relations major having this background can help with knowing all positions and even help you in giving input or creating new ideas. I think it is a very smart idea to know what is going on within your business and all of the processes. I’m not saying that you have to know the ins and outs but it is beneficial to have basic knowledge. It gives you background in writing, ethics, improving  images and releasing statements. What ever field you are in, communicating and maintaining beneficial relationships will be key.


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*Think about the last five movies/concerts you saw. How did you find out about them? (Poster? Word of mouth? Newspaper/Magazine advertisement? Facebook fan page? Emailed newsletter, etc.) Some individuals dismiss traditional public relations and advertising, but what’s your experience?

If come to find out that many people do dismiss traditional public relations and advertising but I am totally for them. When I first read the topic, I quickly made a connection to Georgia Southern and the different ways organizations advertise and utilize PR. I am the PR head in 3 of my organizations so I’m always looking at the newer ways to get the word out for our events. Again like I stated earlier I am very rooted in traditional ways. We do have a school paper and to my surprise many students actually do read them. We also have plenty off bulletin boards around campus and for that reason I am a big fan of posters. Since we are a college campus you just have to be very aware of your format but if you nail it posters are an easy way to grab someones attention. I have also sent press releases to the paper and the media department of GSU to get our announcements on the internet and etcetera. My experience with traditional ways have been awesome. The internet has really changed how things are traditionally done but while I am a  fan of traditional ways I do realize the importance of twitter, Facebook and even the new technology as in close circuits.

The last five movies/concerts I saw were discovered through trailers, YouTube ads, twitter, Facebook, flyers and more. There are some many options that are available to us as senders and receivers. Many movies utilize television and YouTube. On TV you see amazing trailers that leave you to want to see a movie. Before Inception came out all my friends were talking about it but I had no idea what movie they were talking about and therefore I didn’t care. But after watching the trailer which came during a commercial break of one of my favorite shows, I really wanted to go see it and did. YouTube has started showing trailers and commercials before the video you chose to play comes on. I think it was a very smart decision with the number of YouTube watchers increasing tremendously. Since their introduction, social network sites such as MySpace, Facebook, Cyworld, and Bebo have attracted millions of users, many of whom have integrated these sites into their daily practices. I follow many that are in media relations for music, movies, sports and more. A simple tweet which can be made in seconds, from any of them, lets me know what new song, show, movie, news is coming out or happening right then. Facebook is really taking over with advertising, which is something they didn’t do originally and helps with the cost.

I feel it’s important to stay up with the newer styles but also have knowledge of traditional ways.



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Ben & Jerry’s Schweddy Balls ice cream conflict

*Discuss an organizations current conflict situation. Is their response appropriate? What should they continue to do, or not do?

Ben & Jerry’s recently released a new limited edition flavor, Schweddy Balls, which created a conflict situation for the organization. While some laugh at the name, some supermarket chains, parents and members of the One Million Moms group aren’t. They are saying the name is not appropriate for young children.

The company responded stating that they are aware of chains not carrying the Schweddy Balls because the possibly found the name too irreverent but they do respect their decision.  Ben & Jerry’s spokesman Sean Greenwood added that the flavor has become the most popular limited-edition flavor the company has produced. Greenwood also said, If you watch the skit from Saturday Night Live, it’s a lot easier to get the joke.

I like how they handled the issue but it could have used a little tweaking. They did a great job of putting their foot down and standing behind their product. They respected the decision of people who didn’t want to carry the product, didn’t make a big deal over it and kept moving. However I feel that there may have been a lack of sincerity. Greenwood saying, “If you watch the skit, it’s a lot easier to get the joke, makes it seem as if they have no apologizes. It’s either you laugh at it and like it or we don’t care. The words came of to me as if our product will still sell regardless if you dislike what we are doing and brushed it off. I will say that the response was appropriate but they could have went about it in a different manner.

They should continue their creativity. I don’t think they should stop their creative names for ice creams. They should not release arrogant statements and if arrogant wasn’t intended, I would just recommend a better response as far as word content. 



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Public Relations Vs. Publicity

*Compare and contrast public relations and publicity, with real examples of each.

To begin this blog I thought it would be necessary to define both public relations and publicity. Glen Cameron defines Public Relations- as the “strategic management of competition and conflict for the benefit of one’s own organization also for the mutual benefit of the org. and its stakeholders or publics” (Think: Public Relations by Pearson). (there are many diff definitions for PR) PR can be seen as your interactions/tactics and products/pricing that determine what and how people talk about you. On the other hand publicity is a component of public relations. Publicity Disseminating planned messages through selected media to further and organization’s interest.

Similarities: PR and publicity aren’t synonymous but they do share small similarities. They both deal with media. Both reach out to the public and to get their attention on one’s product, organization and etc. Each element  promotes goods, services, or persons and in some cases, public relations executives work hand in hand with  publicity staff. PR campaigns use means of publicity and this is where the two intertwine. Example: New club, CC’s, opens  in Statesboro. Publicity is used to get the word out via Statesboro Harald and George Anne. PR can start the same way but takes things further.

Differences: Publicity rarely encompasses press releases, but focuses on media alerts and blast e-mails, phone calls, etc. Publicity focuses on planning events, and crisis tends to arise a bit more frequently – but on a smaller scale. Another difference can be that with public relation there is a personal relationship with the public. PR is two-way communication. Example: Nightclub openings and paparazzi is publicity. A new club CC’s in Statesboro had a grand opening. Before the opening, stories could be found in local papers making the announcement and telling about the new club. Pairing celebrities with brands is PR. Say if the club had a story in the paper but also handed out branded t-shirts on campus, this is more PR. This is making connections with the public.  


“THINK: Public Relations” by Pearson

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Current ethical lapse in the public relations industry

Although this happened a few months ago the issue and ethical lapse remains very relevant.

“According to USA Today, Burson-Marsteller, PR firm, started a whisper campaign — method of persuasion in which damaging rumors are spread about the target, while the source remains unknown ( —   aimed to get news coverage on obscure Gmail feature, Social Circle, infringes on peoples’ privacy and violates FTC rules. But Google said that Social Circle lets customers make social connections using public and private connections across Google products without skirting privacy”

I believe this firm broke all of the PRSA six core values including: Advocacy, Honesty, Expertise, Independence, Loyalty and Fairness.

B-M broke, what is to me, the most important value: HONESTY. I see ethics revolving around HONESTY, fairness and being responsible. I think the company lost a lot of respect and credibility from the public, media and other firms. It’s not like it was a mistake but a planned event with evidence of that from USA Today. Although there are six, the next and last value I will mention in this ethical lapse is independence. There was no accountability for individual actions. It was a whisper campaign so there was no source and in this case why would you want to be held accountable.

“Profession values are vital to the integrity of the profession as a whole” -PRSA

This firm truly created an ethical lapse in the PR industry through its mistake and error in judgment which produced a harmful and troubling outcome.

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