PR beneficial for non-public relations majors

18 Nov

*Provide an argument as to why it is/or is not beneficial for a non-public relations major to complete an introductory level public relations course.

I’m not a PR major but it is very beneficial for me to take the course and can also be beneficial to other non-public relations majors as well. In intro courses you learn a lot of the basics and in my opinion it makes you well-rounded in whatever field you want to pursue. Communication skills in general are a necessity and a lot of businesses look for those communication skills. An introductory level public relations course can help give you that communication or public relation background.

If you are not a public relations major having this background can help with knowing all positions and even help you in giving input or creating new ideas. I think it is a very smart idea to know what is going on within your business and all of the processes. I’m not saying that you have to know the ins and outs but it is beneficial to have basic knowledge. It gives you background in writing, ethics, improving  images and releasing statements. What ever field you are in, communicating and maintaining beneficial relationships will be key.


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