Public Relations Vs. Publicity

06 Oct

*Compare and contrast public relations and publicity, with real examples of each.

To begin this blog I thought it would be necessary to define both public relations and publicity. Glen Cameron defines Public Relations- as the “strategic management of competition and conflict for the benefit of one’s own organization also for the mutual benefit of the org. and its stakeholders or publics” (Think: Public Relations by Pearson). (there are many diff definitions for PR) PR can be seen as your interactions/tactics and products/pricing that determine what and how people talk about you. On the other hand publicity is a component of public relations. Publicity Disseminating planned messages through selected media to further and organization’s interest.

Similarities: PR and publicity aren’t synonymous but they do share small similarities. They both deal with media. Both reach out to the public and to get their attention on one’s product, organization and etc. Each element  promotes goods, services, or persons and in some cases, public relations executives work hand in hand with  publicity staff. PR campaigns use means of publicity and this is where the two intertwine. Example: New club, CC’s, opens  in Statesboro. Publicity is used to get the word out via Statesboro Harald and George Anne. PR can start the same way but takes things further.

Differences: Publicity rarely encompasses press releases, but focuses on media alerts and blast e-mails, phone calls, etc. Publicity focuses on planning events, and crisis tends to arise a bit more frequently – but on a smaller scale. Another difference can be that with public relation there is a personal relationship with the public. PR is two-way communication. Example: Nightclub openings and paparazzi is publicity. A new club CC’s in Statesboro had a grand opening. Before the opening, stories could be found in local papers making the announcement and telling about the new club. Pairing celebrities with brands is PR. Say if the club had a story in the paper but also handed out branded t-shirts on campus, this is more PR. This is making connections with the public.  


“THINK: Public Relations” by Pearson

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